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What can I do to improve my download speeds?
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If you're not on an XL Gold plan, we suggest signing up for one or upgrading to this plan. Account speed can make a huge impact on how fast you download.

We also have a few tips on how you can improve your download speeds overall:
- Reset of your modem/router (turn the power off, and then back on again after a short time)
- Try turning off your antivirus software and/or firewall temporarily, as these may prevent you from getting maximum speed.
- Double-check that your newsreader is set to use all the available connections within your package.
- Go to Are your current internet speeds what they should be?
- If your news client automatically repairs and unpacks in the background, try turning these functions off. They may be consuming valuable processing speed.
- Check your computer for other processes that might be consuming computing power or are too much of a burden on your internet connection.
- Is your internet connection being used by anyone else?
- Could your account be used by others unknown to you? You may consider changing your password.
- Is your internet provider experiencing maintenance or downtime?

Additionally, if you are using a VPN your speeds may be affected.

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